Friday, July 11, 2008

Think Kermit GREEN!!!

The Chunks have joined the GREEN bandwagon!!!! Or at least as much as we can do for living in Sunny South Florida and our public transportation SUCKS!!! I have not used paper or plastic bags at the grocery store for over 2 weeks. Which is REALLY good (for us)!!! Yesterday we tried something new...we rode bike to the grocery store. For many its no biggie, right? Like those that live in NYC walk to the BODEGA down the street. But for us (i.e. Miami folks) who live in the "suburbs" the grocery store is not down the street nor are we use to walking. So we hoped on our bikes and off we were. Noticed new homes in the neighborhood. We don't live in the cookie cutter neighborhoods so its nice to see the difference in architecture in all the homes. I realized two things 1) need a basket...2) HELMET, I really suck at riding bike and 3) I want a new bike. I have a mountain bike (I think that's what they are called). Which is great when I go on trails in the park. But I really want a more simple PLAIN bike. Gonna look into some. Doesn't have to be new just something that works.

I am also SLOWLY transitioning to changing our cleaning products to more EARTH FRIENDLY. My allergies become HORRIBLE when I clean. Chunk tries to clean for me b/c I can barely breath when I do (trust me I'm not faking it). So I've been cleaning the toilets with VINEGAR. The smell is horrible but its does its job. If you guys know of anything else I can change let me know. What to make the house as EARTH FRIENDLY as possible.


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Kristin said...

Was clicking around and I found your blog via brooklyn limestone :)

Homemade cleaning products are really easy to make and they work really well.

I used to use bleach on EVERYTHING! I think I even enjoy the smell cause it = clean to me. But now baking soda is the go2.

Here are few sites I thought where helpful:

good luck greening it up!