Thursday, May 20, 2010

lots of change

Ahhhhh!!!! There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. Although I cannot go into any details....its a BIG change. Its so big its going to change my life and my loved ones. I just want to take this time to say a big THANK YOU to Chunkers for going through this with me and being my backbone!!! Honey I love you!!! You're my rock!!!

Sunday Cooking Recap

This past Sunday I had Ms. K and Ms. N over for lunch. I always love spending time with my girlfriends and especially love filling their tummy's. So Sunday morning, before Isabella woke up, I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the grocery store with my shopping list on one hand and my coffee on the other. First, I would like to say that ME-TIME has never been sooo important, doing groceries without a child. HOLY I love it. I'm going to make it my new Sunday Morning Me-Time.

On to the groceries, I made my list of what I was planning on making for my girls as well as everything else we needed for the week. I think this is the best way of really watching what you're spending and being organized about cooking...b/c everyone knows the worse part of cooking is coming home at 6 PM w/o a clue of what you're going to cook and you have a grubbling stomach. Ok, so I decided I was going to do what I said on Friday, tequila shrimp w/a lime-cilantro rice & a mango salsa to go on top. Everything was delicious!!!! And it went so quickly I forgot to take a picture of it (sorry) but trust me when I say EVERY SINGLE LAST BIT was GONE. Yummy!!! If you're interested in the recipe let me know...I'll post it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

things to do...

When I lived with my parents I had literally no chores. Okay okay okay I had some chores, i.e. clean my room & wash my clothes but I think that was it. Since becoming Mrs. Chunk and now Momma Chunk ( longer living the life at my parents) I have a things to do list (aka chores/honey do list). We have not kept up with it for some time but today I forced myself to get back on track. I also forced Chunkers to do the same. As we speak he is watching whatever basketball game is on TV and folding clothes. FYI for those asking why is he folding clothes while you are blogging....well peeps I did my part. Scrubbed every single square inch of my kitchen. YAY me!!! Its sparkling for now. And lets not forget I still did my mommy duties.

I love this list...especially when we keep up with it because literally it doesn't take me more than 30 minutes a day to do the cleaning and the house is ALWAYS organized!! I'll probably post the list some time soon. FYI for those that like lists, Martha Stewart has GREAT lists.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Belly's Modeling Shoot

Sunday Cooking

So one of my closes friends, Ms. K, will be passing by Sunday to get her Belly fix. Therefore, I will be making some yummy food for her!! (I think I'm more excited than her because I get to cook) Since cinco de mayo...which I did not celebrate (BOOO HOOO) I have been craving tequila shrimp w/a mago salsa and some yummy margaritas. AHHHH!!! I can just taste that now. YUMMY =) well since Ms. K will be passing by and she always request for food (which I am happy to fill her pun intended) I will be making some good stuff. I just wanted to tease you with what I have in mind (see side pic)...can't you just imagine chasing that down w/a nice cold margarita!?!?! well, I can. And now that I am a mommy, having some time with my girlfriends is XTRA nice. If anyone has any suggestions as to: tequila shrimp, mango salsa, or anything else you think would go great with this meal let me know (I mean if there is anyone reading my blog---**I hope there is**)


I cannot believe its been ALMOST a year since I last posted. Can we say LOSER!!! Anyway, I'm going to try again b/c there are lots of things on my mind that I need to BLOG about. And hopefully I can make this a great way to update the family about what's going on w/my little munchkin. 1st let me introduce her....since the last time you heard about her, we just announced we found out it was a she and not a he. So here SHE is, my darling Belly (aka Isabella): She is 27 weeks old!!! Growing up way too fast. But I'm loving every single minute of it!!! She's truly an amazing little girl. Her daddy, Chunk, & I want her to stay this little for EVER!!!! So basically, since the last time I blogged, I became a parent. Not that I wasn't before (heck, I carried that little one for 41 weeks and a day according to my OBGYN). But once she came into the world, everything just fell into place....or more like out of place but perfect since she was here. One day I will right about my amazing labor. For now, I'll spare you the details.

I'll try to post one recipe a week. Since being pregnant and having Belly I kinda fell out of the loop of cooking. And can you believe it....I miss it dearly!! Also, something happened to my oven. Not sure exactly what but its not heating up correctly. I know I the warranty ppl but it's sucha hassle that I have placed this issue on the back burner and don't want to think about it. But now I'm having baking withdrawls. And for any wannabe baker (like me) out there knows that its frustrating. So I've been visiting lots of cooking blogs day dreaming of what I would like to stir up in my kitchen next. So PROMISE one post a week on that. I have a few things up my sleeve I've been thinking about and you will see....many more post are in our future. Hope to see ya soon!!