Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Earlier I posted about the entrance of our home. It still looks the same. I want to add two new pieces to it. Currently it looks like this...

I'd like to add a mirror over the table as well as a coat hanger opposite of the table (you can't see that wall). But I think it would look nice. What do you think? I also like the idea of having a plant on the bottom the the table.

Entrance by cynthiab314

to ski or not to ski...

So we are planning our winter vacation...skiing and snowboarding is a must!! Chunk loves the snow and loves his winter sports. He hasn't been in the last 2 yrs and needs his fix. We haven't settled yet on a resort but we know for sure its Canada.

We are thinking of visiting either The Fairmont Banff or The Fairmont in Lake Louise. Decisions...decisions!!!

So if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, pls do tell!!

FYI: I have never skiied or snow board. Which do you recommend I do first?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cooking with Paula Deen

Actually I never really cooked with the "real" Paula Deen
but I did buy her Kitchen Classics books which incorporates both The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook & The Lady & Sons Too.

This past weekend I made three lovely recipes from it, Chicken Georgia, Corn Casserole, and for dessert....Lady Brownies.

The food was amazing!!!!! There were sooo many brownies left I had to bring them to the office if not I would be regretting later. But the star of the show was the Corn Casserole. I'm glad I made it because now I will be adding this to my Thanksgiving meal...btw, has anyone thought of what new "dish" they will be making?


This weekend I am hosting our monthly Book Club. Octobers book is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. If you have not become a fan of this series...let me tell you its something else!!! At the beginning of Twilight (first few chapters) you are bored...but once the "accident" happens. Oh my!!!

The book is filled with love, drama, unimaginable thrills...I mean I can go on. Don't we all search for a little of that in all books?

So since I'm hosting this lovely get together with girlfriends I am planning on making some finger food and of course wine. If any of you have any recs on any finger food..I'm open for all kinds of suggestions.

Adoring Closets

I stumbled across the Belle Maison blog today. And I couldn't stop day dremaing of these beautiful closets....can you imagine getting dressed there????

I love how the shoes are displayed in this one!!! Ahhhh....and the one below is Mariah Carey's closet in her home in NYC.

And the chandelier in the middle of the changing area is to die for!!! This reminds me of the movie Sex & the City (spoilers for those that have not watched it...please don't read) when Mr. Big makes the beautiful closet for Carrie. I'd love to have a closet that looks like a boutique!!! I guess that's just a new addition to my "dream" home.