Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adoring Closets

I stumbled across the Belle Maison blog today. And I couldn't stop day dremaing of these beautiful closets....can you imagine getting dressed there????

I love how the shoes are displayed in this one!!! Ahhhh....and the one below is Mariah Carey's closet in her home in NYC.

And the chandelier in the middle of the changing area is to die for!!! This reminds me of the movie Sex & the City (spoilers for those that have not watched it...please don't read) when Mr. Big makes the beautiful closet for Carrie. I'd love to have a closet that looks like a boutique!!! I guess that's just a new addition to my "dream" home.

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Jackie said...

These closets are to die for. For me to accomplish this in my home, I'd have to convert a bedroom into a closet... and I don't think DH would appreciate.