Wednesday, June 3, 2009

we are on team.....

::WARNING:: this is a very long post (for my standards) and very mushy unless you're bored at work or don't want to work and goof-off, DO NOT... I repeat DO NOT read anymore!!!
PINK!!!!! And we are super ubber excited. Yesterday was our BIG was also Chunker's bday. Happy Birthday my LOVE...hope you enjoyed your day!!!
Let me start off from the beginning of the day. So it was a BIG day for us. I woke up really early to make Chunk breakfast. I made some yummy scrambled eggs, w/slices of turkey and chocolate chip pancakes. We devoured our food!!! I remembered all my friends telling me to drink lots of O.J. to make sure the baby shows his/her goods. So I did just that. I chugged that juice like the days of college chugging beer. So off we go (dh, the grandma's, & me) to the Drs office. Once we get there we get sit and wait. Then Chunkers & I are called in. I lay down and the process begins.

I was laying down for almost 2 hours. This little one didn't want to move AT ALL. There goes the advice to drink O.J. But we saw our baby!! And can I just say, the most beautiful baby there is....I know all moms say that but seriously she's just perfect. back to trying to see her goods. The teachnician kept trying to make her move by probing her. Lets just say she didn't like that one bit. When ever she would feel us trying to move her she would punch or kick back. And if that's any indication of how she's going to be....we are going to have our hands full. But she's a good sleeper (just like mom) and hopefully she stays that way ;) So finally after almost 2 hours she decides to move her little tush and we see that she's a SHE!! LOL...chunkers & i were in awww w/our little one. At this point we called the grandma's in. They were really rooting for a girl and they got their wish. My mom got sooo excited she hugged the techinician. I thought that was hilarious. I seriously wished I would have caught that moment on video.

Later on we went to lunch and then of course to shopping!!!
I bought her her 1st outfit. It's not a big deal but just
something to remember the day when we found the little peanut now had a name...Isabella Victoria, due in October. I also could not resist not getting those adorable socks. I can't wait to really start shopping for her.
My mother-in-law also bought her 4 little outfits. Yes...your read right 4!!! I was like HOLY SMOKES she's going to have clothes galore!! Isabella is loved by everyone...and that is something I am VERY greatful for. My entire family as well as DH's family were on their toes waiting to find out. Once they heard they were all over joyed. I've gone on LONG ENOUGH about our BIG ultrasound day!!
Note to Bella: Mommy & Daddy are super excited about your arrival....we can't wait to meet you in person. Remember to grow strong and healthy. Stay there as long as you need to!! Love you, Mommy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what my baby will look like...

So recently my boss has been buying lots and lots of m&m's for me...not that I ask for it. He just comes from the store with 5lbs bags. And they are my favorite candy...peanut m&m's. Yummy!!! I keep telling him to please stop b/c its difficult for me to control myself. I was like this prior to the I'm definitely not using my lil' peanut as an excuse. BUT I really think my child will come out like this....

So what should I do??? Today I've managed to just eat 5 of those little suckers. Right now he bought the peanut butter m&m's...and let me just say, if you have not tasted them you definitely should.

Friday, May 15, 2009

gifts galore

So yesterday I had a client call me to say she was bringing a gift for the baby. I expected it to be some cute little thing. But BOY was I wrong....look at everything this lil' one was blessed with.

Everything is neutral because we don't know the sex of the baby. But I still love it ALL!!! I cannot believe that one of my clients can be soooo generous. Chunkers was totally shocked by everything we he was trying to familiarize himself with what a onesie looks like as well as a hooded towel.

some pics!!

The little peanut is def growing. So now at 16 weeks (and 4 days) I'm showing. ((not intended to rhyme)) So here is a pic of me I took last night.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bump pics

ok so i'm a little bit off (but what's new!?) below is a pic of me at 10 weeks. there's a really small BUMP...but it seems like in the last week or so (i'm 13 weeks now) the belly has really expanded.
I hope to update another pic next week. I'm almost finished with this trimester. My second trimester officially starts next tuesday. YAYAYAYAY I'm super excited about that. I will also give you the update of my Drs next week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

so i'm back!!

and with crazy news...we are expecting a lil' one. I'm due on October 26th. so I'll have a lil' turkey just in time for thanksgiving!! we are super excited. I'm a lil' over 8 weeks along. the baby is measuring...the size of a kidney bean. INCREDIBLE!!
everything has been good so far...except the morning sickness. and seriously who ever decided to call it that must have never had it!!! it last all day. but i can't complain. all I want is a healthy baby and if that means throwing up like a mad woman then be it!! I'll throw up.
I'll be back to post how I told Chunkers. It's a really cute story (at least I think so). I'll also try to post belly pics. But seriously there is nothing going on down there. I feel like I'm pretending to be pregnant, except for the fact that I already saw the lil' peanut. It was such an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience. That will also be one of the following posts!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jackie over at Jackie's Ever Exciting Life with a cute game. The rules are list six things that make you smile, post the rules and then tag six other blogges to do the same. So here we go!!

1. Chunkers...I know cheesy right!!! But when I see him all my troubles seem to go away. I get very happy when he comes home especially now that we barely get to see each other since our work schedules have changed.

2. Mani's & Pedi's..seriously this can make any girl happy. Even if I give myself one I feel like I just got some MAJOR pampering!!

3. The Secret Life of the American Teenager...I'm confessing to you guys that I am addicted to this show!!! The actors are horrible...the plots are bad, but yet its sooo bad its good.

4. Shoes...Whenever I get to wear pretty sexy shoes I smile. They make me feel TOTALLY different, you can even tell when I walk. LOL

5. Warm cookies...we have a deli downstairs and I am addicted to their cookies. Especially when they are FRESH. OMG I am a happy camper that day :)

6. My lil' do I love that kid (ehm...I mean MAN) he just turned 20 yrs old!!! I'd do anything for that kid but ssh! he doesn't know it. I'm really hard on him b/c he's going to school to become a Dr (makes me proud to just think of that) so I'm always pushing him.

I tag:
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and ok I don't have a 5th one b/c Jackie took her...sorry Mangonett I was going to tag you but now I can't :(