Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Uhhh what's this

So we have owned our for a close to three years. In this three years we have completely remodeled the entire home. And amazingly...I still don't know what this is for...

Last night I was walking around the house. Just doing the regular stuff, i.e. watering plants. And then I noticed it...what's this????? I thought to myself. No lights were turning on & nothing was shutting off....what could it be. So what do I do? I called Chunk. He comes over and says....Ohhhh that opens **Nieghbors name** garage door. Of course I shoot him the evil look b/c I was completely serious about the whole thing and he mocks me. I guess we will never know!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Don't we all love vacation time!?!?! Just a little R & R will go a long way. Late May I went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We stayed at Fairmont Mayakoba. This is a couples resort. I saw kids there but seriously...its meant for couples. I loved this lil' get-away we had. It was just perfect. Unfortunately I forgot the camera at home but was able to steal/borrow some pics from ppl on Here are some....

this is the was AWESOME

The main lobby.

View from lobby to the rest of the hotel. As you can see there is a river that goes around the whole property. Its AMAZING. They take you on these lil' canoes and talk to you about the property. Also, its a way of transportation b/c getting from one end to the other is TOO BIG. I actually got lost. They also have bikes & golf carts for transportation.

This was our spot!!! Actually more like the pool. The whole time of our vacation the water was choppy. Too much wind. The pool was great. Here is a pic of that...

If you guys ever go to Playa del Carmen...stay at this hotel. The experience was amazing. The entire staff were great.


at this point I might not have many followers but OH WELL. They will come with time. I have completely slacked for the past 2 months. WORK GETS CRAZY. and seriously when I'm at home w/o a laptop typing on the office gets annoying. But I will dedicate my lunch time to my blog. WOO HOOO to lunch time.

Today was a good day. Woke up eager to work out. Yeah...workout. I'm trying to just get a hobby. It was good...I walked. A start right? So I'm heading to work and the arss of my neighbor decideds he can block the street with his car. Like if no one needs to get out of the block. Plus the "city workers" are cleaning up (their monthly thing) and their huge trucks are in the way. I don't mind them b/c they have their right. Plus, I want my neigboorhood to look nice right. So yeah the jerk of a neighbor sees me stuck b/c of his car and he doesn't bother to say excuse my stupidity from blocking you...he proceeds to go back into his house and take his sweet time. I've already honked at him just to make sure he saw me. HOW RUDE!!!!!The rest of the day has been good so far. We haven't had any rain today (at least I haven't seen any). So let's see what the rest of the day holds for me.