Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunday Cooking

So one of my closes friends, Ms. K, will be passing by Sunday to get her Belly fix. Therefore, I will be making some yummy food for her!! (I think I'm more excited than her because I get to cook) Since cinco de mayo...which I did not celebrate (BOOO HOOO) I have been craving tequila shrimp w/a mago salsa and some yummy margaritas. AHHHH!!! I can just taste that now. YUMMY =) well since Ms. K will be passing by and she always request for food (which I am happy to fill her pun intended) I will be making some good stuff. I just wanted to tease you with what I have in mind (see side pic)...can't you just imagine chasing that down w/a nice cold margarita!?!?! well, I can. And now that I am a mommy, having some time with my girlfriends is XTRA nice. If anyone has any suggestions as to: tequila shrimp, mango salsa, or anything else you think would go great with this meal let me know (I mean if there is anyone reading my blog---**I hope there is**)

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