Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jackie over at Jackie's Ever Exciting Life with a cute game. The rules are list six things that make you smile, post the rules and then tag six other blogges to do the same. So here we go!!

1. Chunkers...I know cheesy right!!! But when I see him all my troubles seem to go away. I get very happy when he comes home especially now that we barely get to see each other since our work schedules have changed.

2. Mani's & Pedi's..seriously this can make any girl happy. Even if I give myself one I feel like I just got some MAJOR pampering!!

3. The Secret Life of the American Teenager...I'm confessing to you guys that I am addicted to this show!!! The actors are horrible...the plots are bad, but yet its sooo bad its good.

4. Shoes...Whenever I get to wear pretty sexy shoes I smile. They make me feel TOTALLY different, you can even tell when I walk. LOL

5. Warm cookies...we have a deli downstairs and I am addicted to their cookies. Especially when they are FRESH. OMG I am a happy camper that day :)

6. My lil' do I love that kid (ehm...I mean MAN) he just turned 20 yrs old!!! I'd do anything for that kid but ssh! he doesn't know it. I'm really hard on him b/c he's going to school to become a Dr (makes me proud to just think of that) so I'm always pushing him.

I tag:
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and ok I don't have a 5th one b/c Jackie took her...sorry Mangonett I was going to tag you but now I can't :(


Sherry said...

Thanks for the tag!

We'll get to work brainstorming things that make us smile, but it may take a while to whittle things down- we're annoyingly happy people.


Jackie said...

Ah, glad you were able to gather your thoughts. I too love mani/pedis... and think of my sisters as little girls (they are 22 and 20 yrs old). LOL What can we do.