Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We are remodeling our backyard. Currently we have an empty pool and a lot of empty space to fill up. I want to go for a Hamptons feel in our backyard. Very causal!!!! I just love adirondacks & wood in the backyard. I know wood is a horrible material to use for outdoors in Miami but its sooo beautiful. Plus, I have my mind set. & those that know me know that when I have my eyes set on something I get it. For now...I'm dreaming of this set from Pottery Barn (PB). I just <3>this sectional.

I also want a big dinner table. Whenever I picture eating outside I imagine a dinner table full of family and friends. So I'm looking for something like this but instead of chairs benches. Chunkers gave me that idea.

And last but not leat my chaises. When we got engaged (almost 2 yrs ago...doesn't time fly when you're having fun) we relaxed on chaises like these:

I would love to relive this moment in our backyard!!! I know mushy. But they are the best things to fall asleep on. So my goal for this year is to finish my backyard. YES!!! After 3 years of working on the inside of the house we will be FINALLY moving on to our backyard. Pictures of how the backyard looks now will be coming soon.


S@bRoSurA said...

Love the chaise idea. We seriously are thinking the same way. All DH wants also is a hammock to complete the back.

Can't wait to see your backyard pics.

cynthia said...

Jess..have you checked out the hammocks on PB. They have an awesome one. Don't know how big your bakyard is but I'd totally check it out.

daniellesofia said...

love ALL of your ideas! esp the dinner table !!!